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Art is extension of my perspective on life and an awareness of the world around us. Blending radical design, sharp edges and contour shapes, my work has spanned raising awareness of endangered ANIMALS to the intricate perspectives of WOMEN. I paint on a variety of mediums, including vinyl, canvas and wood, using a SEMI-ABSTRACT design and BOLD colors that can be both harmonious and attention seemingly loud. Showcasing artwork in a variety of galleries, restaurants, art venues and group exhibitions keeps my dreams in action. Newly relocated to DC, I’m excited to start venturing into the art scene. If you have venue ideas or would like your own customized artwork, please let me know!

During my 9-5, I run Tempo Event Consulting, representing clients in both DC and South Florida on all aspects of event management. With over 15 years experience and an abundance of creative ideas, I will help you create, plan, and execute a one-of-a-kind, successful event. Depending on your needs, I can cover all or certain components of managing the event: logistics, branding; budgets; research, analysis, etc. My goal is to showcase your best  and emphasize that events are more than just a party but rather an opportunity to connect and share an impactful and memorable experience.

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