Thursday, March 24th - One more event at Barrel Oak Winery while the artwork is still on display at the winery. I've heard good things and seems this event brings out a good number of ladies and vendors. Sounds fun, hope you can join us!

February 9 - March 31 / Excited to start venturing into the Virginia and DC art scene. I visited Barrel Oak Winery, last fall with Vin, and we really liked the warm atmosphere and eclectic Christmas decor. I noticed they had artworked adorned on nearly every open spot. So, one thing led to another and now I'll have the entire winery for a showcase both February and March. Barrel Oak Winery has a reputation of being very dog friendly -- accronym BOW. They are also a pioneer in the duel winery/micro-brewed beer concept. Soon, the new addition to the taste room will open and both beer and wine lovers will happily co-mingle. We will have a Sunday Champagne get together at some point during the two months. Check back for details.

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